Saturday, August 30, 2008

You know you have to start blogging again when....

1) You have two piles of laundry yet to be washed, cleverly categorised into super dirty ones (goes way back to Cairns days), and another of not-so-dirty-can-wear-again ones.
2) Facebooking becomes a boring routine.
3) Your lover keeps bugging you to.
4) You're running out of clothes to wear. So you resort to wearing shirts (as in kemeja) to go out and seluar baju melayu to sleep. (Refer to item no.1)
5) You have 3 mid-sessions and 2 assignment submissions in the coming 2 weeks, yet you're bumming on each day that ends with 'day, like there's no tomorrow.
6) You have to beg your lover to scold you for being a bummer, but it's still not working.
7) The only thing that stops you from blogging again is this.

So here I am.