Sunday, October 26, 2008

Patron 1: Hey, is this a Muslim cafe? That waiter over there looks Lebanese.
Patron 2: Really? He's too short for a Lebanese.

Cool Mcd coffee (presumably Nepalese) uncle: Are you from Nepal?

Random Makcik at Nazi Garong: Oh, budak ni nampak macam India.


Watcha lookin' at?

I swear to God wahai Rosli Southpark, the next time you ask me trivial questions like, "Berapa orang kerja hari ni?" or "Kenapa kau selalu kerja kat atas?" or "Berapa staff discount?" or "Berapa org masuk pukul 5 hari ni?", I will personally help enroll you in CEIC3004, let you deal with the ridiculousness that is Pierre and Tuan Pham, then make you peel potatoes and onions for me soon after you finish your truckload of assignments.

Oh and just for charity's sake, I'm gonna give you a crash course on Kinetics and Reaction Engineering and award you with 3 extra assignments due in Week 13. Except that there's only 12 Weeks of Uni. Faham?

Hahaha. I love you Rosli. Chilling lah. Melawak sikit sikit between org Bota and Singapura. Macam tak biasa like the last time you grabbed my balls. Kata serumpun.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Week 12 - The brooding type

I once had this friend by the name of Week 12.
She's quite annoying at times. When I already had 6 assignments due in a week, she decided hey, let's spark things up and round it up to 9. Pretty ruthless hey?

One day you say my mom's cool and interesting, the next you call her depressed and narcissistic.

Just when you thought caffeine-induced all nighters are torturous enough, you gave us rainy mornings, rainy afternoons and rainy nights, just so the level of seksaan is a bit more in-your-face. So instead of working our butts off, the temptation to tido will teach us the meaning of dugaan the hard way. Thank you lah Week 12. I love our love-hate relationship. You love me, I hate you. Fair?

But above it all, I still have a problem with that bunch of pubes on your head you call a wig.