Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If Sab can't, I can

Domestic god, goddess if you want me to be.

Ha hak ha.

Looking back to the days when I hoped that the laundry is biologically asexual that it would do itself, I am now giving myself a pat in the back as we speak, coz praise the lord: my room is back in its glorious istana days maaaaan.

So here's a formal invitation to a special someone: you can come back anytime you want for a thorough inspection.
Guess I haven't introduced you to my housemate, Lydia namanya (P.O.B: Guangzhou, People's Republic of China). She says the randomest things to me like I'm bloody Bill Cosby talking to one of those darndest kids.

One day, I was at the sink in the bathroom, shaving stuffs and stubs off my godly face, with shaving cream leaving only the eyes uncovered. Lydia came in, and here's the first thing she said:

Lydia: (Surprised look) Oh, you rook rike.... (thinking).. you rook rike (thinking).. FATHER CHRISTMAS!
Lydia: Ho Ho Ho! (she meant Santa fyi)
Me: Ho! Ho! Ho!
Lydia: Ho! Ho! Ho!

Going back to my massive room cleanup mission, there was this time when I bumped into Lydia in the living room, while I was on my way out to the laundry room with a huge laundry basket in hand, when she randomly shouted at the top of her lungs:

Lydia: MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! (Laughs)
Me: (*&^%$#@#$%^&*(*&*(*&^%$#@#$(*&^%$#) (Apa kau nak sekarang? I don't recall giving birth to you?)

So, I guessed that was still ok, and then comes the second time, for a second round of washing, when she stopped me and asked:

Lydia: Wah? Did you kill someone? Who's in that basket? (Laughs)
Me: ............................................

Haih, Lydia oh Lydia. What would I do without you? Minutes later, baru faham. She called me mommy, for I was the one doing the chores in the house, with laundry basket etc. But why MOMMY, man? FATHER CHRISTMAS? What page are you on? Kau ni random sangat la.


yaya schmaya :) said...

hahhahha I miss Lydia, lovergh...

eh waittt, hav I ever told you about the sweet conversation I had with her before I balik?
"you will leally miss yamud yahh"
and then I wanted to cry haha.

haha and good job, domestic goddess...ur no longer a backpacker with laundry aversions :P

word verification: RITINCAK

Adelia said...

yaya schmaya told me abotcho yamud. so HELLO! : ) ) )

magmatic redzy said...

holy mother. you're back blogging!! good good, i need more irony in my life. nanti kat malaysia jangan nak menyombong ngan aku. aku tau ngko kerja kat klcc, jangan nak jadi naomi campbell cam mad plak (sorry mad)

Duchess Doro said...

Hahahaha..klaka gileee..

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Najmuddin Mohd Aminuddin said...

lover: RITINCAK!
adelia: sepupu, balik. JUMPA!
redzuan: dont know if i can get KLCC! pray so i do tho. this goes to lover too.
neighbour: HO! HO! HO!

muhammad ibnu hamid said...

How did Lydia get the student visa? bad ENGLISH, pelat yang macam mintak penampar.

word verification: berbywa

Gaathumb! said...

saya terharu that my name is in the title. mwahaha. i shall return the favour soon :P

Najmuddin Mohd Aminuddin said...

not a problem Sab!