Friday, November 14, 2008

Rule: List 5 good things from the top of your head. Do it for the sake of quick updates, or by any chance, you do feel the need to prove a point that you're not pussywhipped at all, to the extent of having to keep chanting: "I'm doing this for myself, not because she tagged me", as you're typing away, and that you genuinely find this tag interesting in the first place, and that you're gonna do it anyway whilst focussing on the chant: "I'm doing this not because I'm a loser, it is kind of interesting anyway so why not" .... !@$*&^%$#@$%^&* ARGHH this is not working la baboooon!! I HAD TO DO THIS BECAUSE SHE FORCED ME TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But anyways:
1) Everytime I send out an executive MASCA email to Junda, I'll mistype his name as Junad. Then I'll have to backspace a little, whilst recalling Anak Mat Nor's latest post in her blog I secretly anonymously religiously follow.

2) Everytime I pass by a Toyota Yaris parked in an alley on the way to Nasi Goreng, I'll think to myself, "Kalau R tukar jadi L ni, it'll become Toyota Yalis"

3) Ok, I can't think of anything else, and I feel like rebelling. So we're good at 2 yea?


yaya schmaya :) said...

nyet. even the word verification is funnier: NONASMOB

hahhaha cheers

muhammad ibnu hamid said...

word v: borap.

kalau tukar p jadi t, jadi borat.

kelakar kan?