Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jacaranda, in full bloom, kinda

So it's spring, I get it.

But I can't believe the cheek of you, advertising yourself as Spring, when all you are is just a mishmash of confused weather, heavy showers on alternate days, with blazing hot sunny days in between. I am disappointed to the core, Spring. Cue in the flies and harsh sun already, I've had enough of you and your sexual frustrations!

Ini pulak rakan saya, Mr. Ultimatum menyanyikan lagu Spring bertajuk "Sampai Hati" dgn Enche' Ezidy. Spring macam ni la yang kita sayang, bukan? ALL-OUT!


yaya schmaya :) said...

Wouldn't it be boring if Spring is its advertised self ALL three months? Let it spice things up a little.

Or maybe, dia risau and jealous of Summer taking its place? Hence more of its 'sexual frustrations' when it knows Summer is coming near? 'Season transition' orang kata.

No, Spring is funny. Dia main main. Funnier than Mr Ultimatum. Funnier than you! :P

Hardiharhar (terima kasih daun keladi, saya memang pandai tulis comment longer than the entry itself. chia)

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yaya schmaya :) said...

ok nak menyelap lagi haha..

Lovergh, Spring was never part of the plan. You like Summer. Summer Roberts.

ok lame! hardiharhar

word verification: UNROBEC !!

(actually the only reason I commented again was "unrobec". chia)

Najmuddin Mohd Aminuddin said...

lover, i lost you at sexual frustrations. what page are you on?

even Lydia and I are on the same wavelength now. Semalam dia ajak dinner sama, then I jokingly asked, "Got Pork?", dia dgn gaya anak Bill Cosby jawab, "OF COURSE!"

muhammad ibnu hamid said...


muhammad ibnu hamid said...


muhammad ibnu hamid said...


muhammad ibnu hamid said...

oh this word vrificatioon thing is funny. this is the final one: bacereso.

kalau kau perasan, all the word v in you comment page sounds indonesian. jeng jeng jeng. bugis ke?

ok ye pasta budin tgh masak dah nak siap..bau terbaik!

Najmuddin Mohd Aminuddin said...

mad semenjak lama dah tak borak dgn kau, sense of humour kau makin x gerek and awkward. apa jadi?